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Heading one more Promotional Merchandise, Branded Products, Corporate Gifts | TC Branding Group - Home



How we do it...


Founded by Tom Clark way back in 1987, we’re now an industry-leading promotional products company – completely focused on helping our clients achieve their marketing goals.

We consistently deliver the highest quality, ethically manufactured, competitively priced, beautifully branded promotional products and services – keeping our clients (and us) very happy.

Providing spot-on products and first class service to a wide range of business sectors and many blue chip companies, spanning both the corporate and non-corporate sectors, we also have a particular understanding of travel & leisure, construction, and trades union requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a complete product range within a CORPORATE PROGRAMME, or few items for an up-coming event, our collaborative, focused approach will be the same.

Firstly:  we listen, Secondly:  we think!

Then, and only then:  we discuss, source and supply relevant, carefully thought-out merchandise to perfectly fit your needs.

Within budget and, of course, on time!


What we do...


Account Management:

Your dedicated Account Manager and team will look after your needs with 'above & beyond' customer service.

They'll LISTEN, really get to know you and your business, respond quickly and creatively, be proactive, keep you informed and give you their mobile number for direct contact.


In-house Design:

Our in-house design & artwork studio will take care of all creative and branding needs, including - crucially - protecting your brand.

As well as providing literature and email flyers, the creative team designs our customers' user-friendly, sophisticated and secure webshops.


Storage and Distribution:

Our on-site fulfilment team ensures efficient and flexible secure storage and distribution - to UK, Europe and Worldwide locations.

Your products can be held, pre-branded, in our large, secure warehouse in West Sussex, enabling same-day despatch, and even small quantities to be delivered at high volume prices.


Ethical Sourcing:

We can proudly – and justifiably – say that the in-depth knowledge and immense product range we offer are unsurpassed within our industry. To make sure our products are the perfect solution, we scour the UK, Europe, the United States and Far East to source fresh, innovative ideas. And if we can’t find what we’re looking for, we create it!

When it comes to our supply chain, we genuinely care deeply that it’s ethically sound. Our totally reputable network of suppliers – including some world famous brands – is the result of years of careful sourcing and ongoing rigorous assessment.

To support UK employment and cut down our carbon footprint, we strive to purchase from UK suppliers. When we do use overseas suppliers, we adhere to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code to respect workers’ rights. We also work very closely with them to ensure compliance with all relevant local and international laws.


Top Quality and Safety Assured:

Quality assurance processes cover every area of our operation, and we’re proud to have achieved and be Certified for the internationally recognised Standards: ISO 9001:2015 for performance & customer satisfaction and ISO 14001:2015, confirming our environmental credentials.

And to be certain our products are of the highest quality, we use the services of Asia Inspection, which provides industry leading inspection, verification, testing and certification anywhere in the World – ensuring quality control during production and before shipment, and compliance with all relevant EU directives.


To sum up...

With our team of experts on YOUR team, you can relax – knowing that all your merchandise will be top quality, safe, on-brand, on time, and ethically beyond reproach.