14th September 2021 - CHRISTMAS at TC... too soon? 


Some may say that September is too early to be talking about *whispers* Christmas... however, here at TC we have already begun thinking about the festive season! So much so, that we have launched our 2021 Winter sweet and chocolate collection! 

Think... fully branded advent calendars, christmas puddings, hot chocolate melts, gingerbread houses plus much more! 

PLUS, brand new for 2021 the A5 ECO Advent Calendar made from sustainably sourced packaging that can be composted/recycled from only £4.35 a piece*.

So, grab a cuppa or something stronger and click the banner above to have a look at our 2021 Winter Collection today! 

*price is for 1000 pieces, includes set up and delivery to one UK address. 






The year is 2471 and that plastic cup you had your coffee in this morning has only just decomposed! Scary to think about, right? 

It takes on average 450 years for a plastic cup to decompose, 20 years for a plastic bag, 200 years for a plastic straw and 500 years for a plastic toothbrush! The answer? Say NO to single use plastics!

We understand that it's difficult to switch completely from plastic in one big jump - but here at TC Branding Group we can offer some alternatives to get you and your company started!

Check out our recommendations below: 





For more information email us: sales@tc-group.co.uk or call us on 01844 275 700 today!




6th July 2021 - BE O BOTTLE! 


Introducing the BRAND NEW BE O Bottle! This bottle is a 500ml water bottle made of sugarcane meaning it's an oil free plastic that's better for our planet! It's super handy design makes it easy to carry, clean and store. It's designed and made in the Netherlands and is fully recyclable. Each bottle has a -80g CO2e positive impact on the Earth and if that isn't fabulous enough - with each bottle thats sold, we will make an even bigger impact on our planet by planting a tree! Bottles are available in white, black, blue, green, orange and green.

For more information email us: sales@tc-group.co.uk or call us on 01844 275 700 today! 



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